Avoid the Hassle of Litigation-Consider Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Litigation is often an expensive and a time-consuming process. If you're involved in a construction dispute, you can reach a settlement by working with an arbitrator, instead. Construction Dispute Resolutions of Iowa, a local arbitration firm, focuses on finding solutions for clients.

Our arbitration specialist can help you resolve disputes over...

| Construction defects | Land development or use | Construction insurance claims |

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Mediation vs. arbitration-what's the difference?

Mediation and arbitration are popular alternatives to litigation. Instead of going to court, two parties can reach a solution by working with alternative dispute resolution professionals in Cedar Rapids, IA and throughout Iowa.

During mediation, the disputing parties will discuss their grievances with a neutral third party, such as Construction Dispute Resolutions of Iowa. As your mediator, we'll direct the conversation to keep things civil and solution-oriented.

During arbitration, both parties will present evidence and provide testimony to support their stance. The arbitration specialist at Construction Dispute Resolutions of Iowa will make a decision after hearing both sides of the story.

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3 reasons construction professionals choose arbitration over litigation

Real estate agents, developers, homebuilders and home inspectors can all benefit from construction dispute resolution services. When you turn to Construction Dispute Resolutions of Iowa for arbitration services, you can...

Save time:

Our team has been practicing arbitration for 30+ years. Unlike lawyers in the Cedar Rapids, IA area, we have in-depth knowledge of construction matters.

Save money:

Compared with litigation, arbitration is an affordable way to resolve a dispute. View our Fees & Cost Schedule page for pricing information.

Keep things professional:

Instead of pointing fingers, Construction Dispute Resolutions of Iowa encourages disputing parties to present their cases in an informal setting.

When you're searching for a local arbitration firm, look no further than Construction Dispute Resolutions of Iowa.